Mylar Reinforced Indexes, A4, Alphabetical A-Z Set, Each

Product Code: 01550107
A4 170gsm card indexes/dividers. Europunched. Multi-coloured tabs. Hard-wearing Mylar plastic coating. Colour-coded contents page. Alphabetical A-Z Set. Each.
  • Pack Size: 1.0
A4 170gsm card indexes/dividers with europunched edge. Multi-coloured tabs with hard-wearing Mylar plastic coating with letters A-Z written in clear black writing for organisation. Separate, colour-coded contents page for easy reference. Alphabetical A-Z Set. Each.
Product Range Type Indexed A-Z
Product Range Reinforced Indexes
Pack Size 1.0
Dimensions 22.5 X 39.7 X 39.7
Uoi 1.0
Minimum Order Quantity 1.0
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