GBC Refillable Film Cartridge 75 Micron

Product Code: 469000184
  • Pack Size: 1.0
This unique and refillable 75 micron laminating film cartridge is for use with the GBC Foton 30 automatic laminator. The cartridge is supplied with a 75 micron lamination roll which laminates up to 250x A4 sheets. To refill: remove empty cartridge, open the cartridge levers, insert a replacement lamination roll and close the levers. The complete cartridge is then easilty re-loaded into the laminator. Replacement 75 micron laminating film, item 469000187.
Brand GBC
Pack Size 1.0
Dimensions 43.5 X 33.5 X 18.5
Uoi 1.0
Minimum Order Quantity 1.0
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