HSM Securio AF500 AutoFeed, 14-16 Sheets, Each

Product Code: 469500810
  • Pack Size: 1.0
The autofeed shredders of the AF series with Nanogrip Technology combine functionality and ease of use. For the reliable and easy shredding of stacks of paper and individual sheets of paper. The Securio AF500 autofeed features cross cut cut type, 14-16 sheet cutting capacity, security level P4, bin capacity 82L, shreds paperclips and cds/dvds. Dimensions are 1002x497x491mm
Brand HSM
Product Range Type (14-16 Sheets)
Product Range Securio AF500 AutoFeed
Pack Size 1.0
Dimensions 49.7 X 49.1 X 100.2
Uoi 1.0
Minimum Order Quantity 1.0
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