B2P Gel ink roller. Blue, medium tip. Pack 10 Pens + 10 Refills

Product Code: 03404337
  • Pack Size: 20.0
The B2P gel-ink rollerball from Pilot is made from 89%* recycled plastic components using reclaimed PET plastic from drinks bottles. The smooth-writing gel ink gives a writing experience that glides across the page. In addition, the body of the B2P is not single-use plastic because it is refillable, saving you money and preventing the entire pen from having to be disposed of after use. All B2P pens are refillable and using a refill when the ink runs out, rather than a new pen will extend the life and further reduce the amount of plastic which you use in your daily life from going to landfill. Refilling the pen also brings a reduction in greenhouse gases and plastic consumption which is produced during the manufacture of an entire pen as opposed to just a refill. From the manufacturing through to the end of the product life, it is estimated that refilling a B2P pen just 3 times reduces the total environmental impact of the pen by -51% compared to buying an additional 3 new pens. Beyond its innovative design and environmental excellence, the pen is renowned for its superb writing performance in two vivid gel ink colours - black and blue, for providing the smoothest, most comfortable writing experience. A 0.7mm tip writes a 0.32mm line.
Brand Pilot Pen
Colour Blue
Product Range Pilot B2P
Pack Size 20.0
Dimensions 9.5 X 15.5 X 4.0
Uoi 20.0
Minimum Order Quantity 1.0
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