BIC Permanent Marker, Black, Pack 12

Product Code: 03394022
  • Pack Size: 12.0
BIC Intensity believes that creativity lives within all of us and is not just for the artists. BIC Intensity offers a wide range of intensely vibrant creative tools that will encourage you to find simple, everyday moments to be creative in your own unique way, enjoying the journey of creating without the pressure of producing a perfect result! The BIC Intensity permanent markers create an average line width of 0.8mm, and are all about colour. The opaque ink writes on most objects, so they're perfect for artistic pastimes or organising projects. They work on paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, even coated paper and photos. These BIC Intensity permanent markers work overtime just for you with quick-drying ink so things stay tidy and clean. No unpleasant smell because they are low-odour. The comfortable rubber grip means accurate lines with no cramps. With a seamlessly even ink flow, writing is smooth and only needs a gentle touch so there's no overflows or smudges. These high-quality BIC products are accessible and easy to use products for real people, that inspire spontaneous creativity wherever you are.
Brand BIC
Colour Black
Product Range Type Permanent markers, Sharpie pens
Product Range BIC Intensity
Pack Size 12.0
Dimensions 7.4 X 3.3 X 15.2
Uoi 12.0
Minimum Order Quantity 1.0
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