Ecoline 21 Permanent Markers, Asst Cols, Wallet 4

Product Code: 03394029
  • Pack Size: 4.0
Old is turned into new with the edding 21 EcoLine permanent marker. At least 90% of the total plastic used comes from recycled material, thereof 83% from post-consumer plastics such as used yoghurt pots or watering cans. This makes it the ideal assistant to turn a business or institution a bit greener. With its round nib it guarantees an even and soft marking flow. This quick-drying, low-odour and lightfast edding provides long-lasting marking results and works on plastic, wood, metal, glass or cardboard alike. It can be refilled and used multiple times, making it not only eco-friendly but also economical viable for any office or educational facility. Wallet 4
Brand edding
Colour Assorted
Product Range Type Permanent markers, Eco-friendly pens
Pack Size 4.0
Dimensions 6.8 X 17.2 X 2.1
Uoi 4.0
Minimum Order Quantity 1.0
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