Harlequin Screen Riser 1 Drawer, + 3 Small Drawers

Product Code: 19500020
  • Pack Size: 1.0
Individual box with 4 drawers, 1 drawer for documents A4+ and 3 small drawers for small items. Thanks to the low height (13.5cm), the riser can be used to boost a screen or as a base for printer, coffee machine etc. Open drawers allow for the insertion of papers without having to open the drawers. Smooth drawer action with safety stop. Label holders with labels supplied. 270 x 355 x 135mm. Each
Brand Exacompta
Colour Multi Coloured
Product Range Type Screen riser, Desk storage, Monitor stand
Product Range Screen Riser
Pack Size 1.0
Dimensions 13.4 X 35.5 X 27.0
Uoi 1.0
Minimum Order Quantity 1.0
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